Waffle Muffins


Looks like crazy leftover lady is back.

And this time she doesn’t even have a recipe for you.

This is just something fun that I can’t stop making these days.

Which is totally sad for poor Little Dude because she is mega burned out on them.

At first she ate them happily and with excitement. Now, she always vetoes them.

I usually give her a few choices at mealtimes. And since I keep making these, I keep trying to trick her into eating them.

“So what would you like for breakfast? You could have cereal (I say in a bored tone), or oatmeal (I say with a disgusted look on my face), or WAFFLE MUFFINS?! (I say with as much enthusiasm as I can muster)”

“Ummmm maybe just cereal.”

Ok whatevs.

She didn’t buy it.

She’s over it.

I tried this again for snack and lunch, but then The Hubs called me out on it and told me to leave her alone about it. Oops.

So I am going to try to give them a rest, but not without passing them along to you first.

You know how I like to stuff muffins and breads full of healthy stuff for The Dude to eat. Well, I seriously do make up a batch of muffins about once a week for her lunch. They are rarely the same, but usually consist of some combination of chopped up fruits, oats, whole wheat flour, and milled flax seeds.

I made one batch a couple of weeks ago that were pretty moist (I think I put a good bit of Greek yogurt in…can’t really recall). And while this was delightful, fresh out of the oven; the next day at room temperature, it was not quite as charming. So I sat there thinking, wow this would be so much better if I just toasted it up with an obscene amount of butter.

Then, my eyes landed on the waffle maker that had been left sitting on the counter (who says laziness doesn’t pay off sometimes?!).


I split the muffins in half and placed them in the waffle maker for a couple of minutes.

Cute, hot, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside little muffin waffles.

You know you are about to go make up too many muffins so you can have some of these tomorrow.

…please just don’t offer any to The Dude. She is très bored with them now. Thanks.

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  1. What a fun idea…maybe this will get me to actually use my waffle iron more than once every 10 months! Crispy toasty muffins? YUM.


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